Adam Sandler Sweeps the Razzies!

The 2012 comedy Jack and Jill 'wins' an unprecedented ten Razzie Awards, sweeping every single category.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Look, we told you that Jack and Jill sucked, but did you believe us? Oh, wait, you probably did. That's good! Because that means that this year's Razzie Award-winner won't piss you off too hard. This year, one movie swept every single Razzie Award category for the first time in history, and that film was Adam Sandler's awfully twin-ept comedy, co-starring himself, himself, Katie Holmes and Al Pacino.

Normally we'd chime in right now about how the Razzie Awards are a lot like the Oscars, in that they don't necessarily give out honors (or in this cast dishonors) the the most deserving nominee, necessarily, but rather the film they'd prefer to go down in history as having the distinction. In this case, however, we think they actually singled out the Worst Film of 2011, or at least one of them, since Atlas Shrugged was inexplicably snubbed across the board. Obviously Adam Sandler is a bigger target for jeers, but in this case it's not entirely unfounded.

The complete list of "winners" reads as follows, but again, they'e all Jack and Jill.

Worst Picture: Jack and Jill

Worst Actor: Adam Sandler

Worst Actress: Adam Sandler (again)

Worst Supporting Actor: Al Pacino

Worst Supporting Actress: David Spade, beating out another Jack and Jill nominee, Katie Holmes 

Worst Screen Ensemble: The entire cast of Jack and Jill

Worst Director, Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel: Jack and Jill (citing Glen or Glenda, har-har)

Worst Screen Couple: Adam Sandler and either Katie Holmes or Al Pacino

Worst Screenplay: Jack and Jill


CraveOnline will be back with more Razzie news after they invent new categories for Candy Land.