Tara Reid on American Reunion

Catching up on Vicki's life in her 30s, and making a big comeback when she never actually went away.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


When we requested one on one interviews with the cast of American Reunion, we were surprised that the one we landed was Tara Reid. We expected her to be very guarded about her comeback, but she was warm and open and congenial, although kept it brief. When Vicki (Reid) goes to her high school reunion, she catches up with her old boyfriend Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), who is now married. They actually behave while the rest of their classmates get into more raunchy trouble than ever.


CraveOnline: Has Kevin and Vicki’s journey always been about not staying together?

Tara Reid: You know, it kind of is. They broke up in the first one and they never got back together since but they’ve remained friends. I think they have a respect and a mutual first love and they’ll never forget each other, they’re always going to be in each other’s hearts but they’ve moved on with their lives. But they still don’t forget where they came from.


In the second one, it seemed Kevin was the one feeling left out. This time maybe Vicki feels that. Was that an important reversal?

Yeah, because so much time has gone by and he’s now moved on and gotten married and has kids. Vicki picked a totally different career. She now lives in New York City and she’s a career girl. It’s kind of like Sex and the City. Now she’s in her 30s and going, “Uh-oh, did I do the right thing? Could I pick love? Am I going to start getting married and have kids? I don’t even have a boyfriend yet.” I think all those questions are going through her head and she’s realizing it.


Were you sad they didn’t get back together in 2 and she wasn’t at the wedding in 3?

No, that’s just not the way it was written. It was not the way the storyline came out. I’m happy with the way everything has gone.


What was it like to recreate the poster in exactly the same pose?

It was hilarious. We’re all like, “What do we look like? Okay, this, that.” It was really fun.


Did you follow any of the straight to video movies?

No, I didn’t see all of them, no. Because it was like American Pie Presents, but it wasn’t American Pie.


A big part of this movie is how uncomfortable the guys are with the new high school generation. Do you ever have moments of, “Was I like that when I was that age?”

I think my high school experience and my American Pie Reunionwas really part of this movie. I think you caught us at such a young age and now you’re catching us all these years later so it’s almost like life imitating art.


The first movie was such a launching pad. What opportunities and pressures did that bring you?

Well, we didn’t realize that the first one was going to be the first one. We had no idea that it was going to be a hit. We just thought we were making this film and it turned out to be incredible. I’m very proud and honored that I got to be a part of this amazing franchise.


I think you look lovely in the film. Was it important to show you’ve still got it?

Sure, why not? Why not? Yeah, life’s good. I feel good. I think 30s today is like the new 20s so we’re all good.


How often do you get American Pie or Big Lebowski references in daily life?

All the time. People come up to me, “Oh, you’re the girl from American Pie.” Any really good Lebowski fans will always ask me to quote my famous line in The Big Lebowski. They love Bunny Lebowski and “The Dude abides.” So I’ve been lucky to be a part of a lot of great cult films.


Have you ever been to a Lebowski Fest?

No, I want to go. Every time they’ve had it I’ve had to work, I’ve been out of town but I’ve heard so many crazy stories about them.


You have the distinct honor of having worked with Uwe Boll also. What was that experience like?

I liked Uwe. Everyone thinks he’s this tough German guy. I liked him. I think he has a sweet heart somewhere inside of him. People get scared of him. I think he’s fantastic.


Well he did beat up some of his critics.

Did that really happen? I didn’t know if that was real. He never beat me up. He was very nice to me.


Of course, you were being nice to him.

Yeah, I liked him. He was nice to me and he was great.


There’s also a lot of Josie and the Pussycats love online these days.

I love Josie and the Pussycats. It was a great film. We had so much fun. Rosario Dawson became a good friend of mine through that film. I think that movie almost was ahead of its time in a certain way. It was all about secret branding and marketing, pink is the new red and Nike is the new Adidas. It was before all this really happened. I think it almost missed its target there.


Have you gotten a chance to feel that love from people?

Yeah, people go, “Oh, I love Josie and the Pussycats.” It’s one of those films that people that have seen it get it. But if you haven’t seen it, you don’t get it.


What’s coming up for you?

I have another movie coming out called The Fields. Right now we’re just kind of figuring out what we’re doing next. I might do some television and just reading scripts and hopefully you’re going to get another big hit.


Are you back for good?

I’ve never been away but yeah, hopefully.