Jets’ Tebow and Sanchez Neighbors?

The newest quarterback addition of the team is looking to move into Sanchez's life in more ways than one.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

For a lot of people, home is a sanctuary where you can get away from the problems of work and unwind a bit. For Mark Sanchez–the current starting quarterback of the New York Jets–his newest work problem may be his newest next door neighbor.

According to the New York Post and CNBC, the newest Jets quarterback acquisition, Tim Tebow, is interested in a rental property at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. The four bedroom 'cottage' goes for $10,000 a month and is one of two such residences on a property that mainly provides Studios.

Oh, and incidentally, Mark Sanchez also rents a place tied to the Trump Club.

The Tebow/Jets pairing has had a ton of media leg since the trade was finalized, and with the increased attention also comes an increased pressure on Sanchez to either put up or move out of the way on the field. Since the trade, there has been an ever growing speculation that his time as a starter is coming to an end soon, and the organization itself–though behind Sanchez to a degree–isn't helping the frenzy by some of their comments. Comments made mostly in part from head coach Rex Ryan.

"Mark's job is to play quarterback, it's not to be the general manager," said Ryan, speaking to reporters at the NFL meetings. "That's what it is. Our decisions are based on the team."

"I will say this: I feel better about our quarterback situation now than I ever have since I've been here," added Ryan.

Though Ryan would continue to state that Sanchez is the clear starter, it's hard to imagine the pressure of Tebow behind him is going to lessen anytime soon. In fact, as we get nearer to the start of the season, it'll more than likely intensify. And woe unto Sanchez if he struggles for any amount of time come even preseason!

But that's a problem for a few months down the road. For today, all Sanchez really has to worry about is getting a 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift-basket ready for Tebow, who seems to be interested in moving into every aspect of Sanchez’s life.

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