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Robert Whiteby Robert White

My sporting story is a fairly unique one. My passion and love over the course of my short 24 years has been without a doubt basketball and I have spent hours and hours honing my craft, but my second love has always been Australian football. It’s a fast-paced, physical game where one must be a brave and courageous as they must be fit and athletic.

I gave it my first go at an amateur level last year before I left Australia and moved to Germany and it was honestly the most fun and the greatest sporting experience of my life. Our club featured over 100 players divided into four different grades depending on skill and commitment levels. How good one was didn’t matter and a bunch of guys all came together on and off the field and shared a strong bond.

Living in Germany I missed the sport and kicking a ball with guys that had never even seen the sport didn’t hold much appeal until I heard of the AFLG(ermany). Now playing with the Munich Kangaroos in the first Bundesliga I’m having the time of my life. There’s a bunch of Aussie and Irish guys, along with a few Germans, playing the game just like it’s played at home. Our Australian coach has instilled the same commitment and camaraderiewe get out in the Munich beer garden parks for our hard training sessions twice a week in front of more than a few confused locals.

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