10 Nerds Protecting Their Virginity

You shall not pass into their bedrooms, ladies!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Like gallant knights defending the King’s Fortress in days of olde, these very nerdy guys valiantly guard the tower of their own virginity. How do they do this? By… well, by being super into hobbies that may leave many faire damsels scratching their heads. Here are 10 nerds protecting their virginity:



Captain N: The Has-No-Game Master



Never having sex? Cowabunga!



Don’t call me “tiger!” Get away from me!



Someone needs to fight Virgin Spider-Man.


Scouts Honor

Yet another use for a Swiss Army Knife.



This teen is in no danger of Thornburying anyone.


Soda Armor

The Taste of a Sexless Generation


Shirtless Crew

Now with lady-repelling springs!



So, he has an actual V-Card in that suitcase?



Take that Pikachu away from him and he’ll thunderbolt your eyes out!


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