7 Dogs In Fast Cars

Dog faces and fast winds are best friends.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Your cat will loudly and pitifully complain throughout the car ride, making you feel like the worst person alive. Meanwhile, dogs love a good drive. They love it so much, they stick their heads out the car window and experience every drop of windy goodness. Here are 7 dogs in fast cars:


Parachute Face

Take this dog with you when you jump out the plane. [via]



When you’re in a car and your head is out the window, life is perfect. [via]



What? No leather cap? [via]



Amazingly, he does like this. [via]



This is how dog dentists perform checkups. [via]



60 mph winds make me sleepy, too. [via]



His head is outside the window and he’s proud, goddamn it. [via]


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