‘Terra Nova’ Will Not Live Again At Netflix

The big budget sci-fi series appears to be doomed, barring an eleventh hour miracle pick up from another network.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

At the beginning of March, Fox canceled "Terra Nova" after its modestly rated first season that didn't become the blockbuster success that the network had hoped for. Days later, word emerged that 20th Century Fox TV was in talks with Netfilx about possibly bringing "Terra Nova" back for a second season.

However, those talks appear to have failed.

Deadline is reporting that Netflix and 20th Century Fox TV have not been able to come terms over "Terra Nova" even after two weeks of negotiations. Put simply, "Terra Nova" is not happening at Netflix, but 20th Century Fox TV is still hoping to find a viable home for the show to keep it alive.

The problem is that there simply aren't a lot of networks that can pick up "Terra Nova" and maintain the high production quality and the big budget that it enjoyed on Fox.

While the studio will not release the primary "Terra Nova" actors from their contracts, Jason O’Mara recently joined CBS' Ralph Lamb drama project alongside Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis while Allison Miller joined  the NBC comedy "Go On" opposite Matthew Perry. If "Terra Nova" is somehow renewed, both O'Mara and Miller would return to that show and reprise their roles as Jim Shannon and Skye, respectively.

Thus far, only Christine Adams —  who played the Sixers' leader, Mira — has been released from her "Terra Nova" contract, prior to landing a role on the ABC pilot, "Americana."

Netflix is also reportedly considering "The River" for a second season on the streaming service, but if Netflix didn't jump at "Terra Nova," a "River" pickup seems unlikely to happen as well.

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