Exclusive Video: Joel Kinnaman Promises a Live-Action Robocop Suit

The new Alex Murphy promises a mixture of live-action and CGI at the second season premiere of 'The Killing.'

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


"It's going to be a physical suit. Of course they're going to make digital adjustments to it, but I think the best CG is made when it's a mixture of real physical things and CG."

Last night at the Red Carpet premiere of AMC's "The Killing," we talked to Joel Kinnaman about his new Robocop suit. We were concerned that in this age of modern digital effects that this new Robocop would be a CGI, possibly motion-captured creation, but he assured us that it's going to be "a physical suit." And, as you may have heard, he confirmed that his visor's going to be see-through this time. Check out the video, and come back later in the week for our full coverage of "The Killing's" red carpet event!