Kentucky Dominates Baylor To Advance

In a game with no doubt, Kentucky blew past Baylor and are on their way to the Final Four in New Orleans.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Would you like me to keep this short?  Kentucky made Baylor their bitch.  Seriously, they straight up bent them over.  Ok, have a good night everyone!



Alright I'll give you a few more details.  Only because I like looking at my own writing. 

The #3 Baylor Bears had some fun in the first couple minutes of the game today, but that's about all they were able to cherish in this trip to the Elite Eight.  #1 Kentucky showed why they were given such a high seeding in the glorious tournament this year.  Let me break this down for you:

  1. Four Kentucky Players had double digit scoring.
  2. Kentucky had nine steals AND nine blocks.
  3. Baylor had never played basketball before.

I would really love to write a noteworthy sports story about this game but I have to apologize by saying that is pretty much not going to happen.  My girlfriend and I were watching the game at a beachside bar, throwing back some Bloody Marys to remedy the hangover from last night's party, and we found ourselves more interested in talking to the bartender about what the Sunday brunch scene was like than we were about seeing what Baylor would do to further destroy their reputation as a legitimate basketball program.

I have never really written one of these super "bloggy" rant articles, but in a tournament with crazy upsets and games that have come down to the last shot, I just expected better from a #3 vs. #1 seed for the right to the ultimate dance in the Final Four.  But, here's the best part.  Even though Kentucky dominated, I don't see them winning this tournament.  Screw giving credit, they won easy today because Baylor didn't hit easy shots.  Baylor shot under 40% from the field and only 4-14 from outside the 3-Point arc.  I have a feeling that when Kentucky faces Louisville in the Final Four, the Cardinals won't be missing shots.

I am now done writing for the South Region of the NCAA tournament, but I will leave you with this…

A Final Four game between the Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals!?!?!?!?  This is what the tournament is all about! I love it!

#1 Kentucky plays #4 Louisville on March 31st at 3:09 PST.

As much as it pains me to say…  The Kansas Jayhawks are going to win the whole thing.  I hate those wimpy-ass birds.

GO SHOCKERS!!!  (Yeah, I know we lost.)

Ok, bye…