Kansas Escapes ‘Pack, Moves To Regional Final

That 'other team' from North Carolina almost pulled off the big upset.

Jordan Zuckerby Jordan Zucker

“Ask me if I won, don’t ask if I deserved to.”

I’m not sure if this messes with most brackets or not, but the top two seeds in the Midwest region will be playing each other in the regional finals on Sunday.

In Friday’s regional semi-final game, No. 2 seed Kansas beat No. 11 seed NC State, 60-57.

The NC State Wolfpack started off the game with guns ablazin’, taking an initial lead. But the Kansas Jayhawks finally caught up at 9:20 in the half, keeping it a close game for the remainder. CJ Leslie shot a field goal with 14 seconds in the half giving the Wolfpack the lead at half time, 33-32.

Both teams were struggling to make shots and get into an offensive groove. The first game (UNC vs. Ohio) was better played all around. But it drew excitement in being close.

It was down to the wire, but ultimately the Jayhawks were able to hold on and take the win.

With a little over a minute left in the game, NC State came within 1 point with a CJ Williams basket. 58-57.

Wood missed a 3-point shot, Leslie snagged an offensive rebound, but missed the basket and was fouled.

Robinson (finishing with the only double-double of the game) missed his free throw, but Johnson was able to get a lay up with 13 seconds left.

Howell tried for a last chance shot, that was not at all close, giving Kansas the win and advancing them to the elite eight on Sunday against North Carolina.

The Tarheels will be without Kendall Marshall, but the Jayhawks didn’t seem like they had a Marshall equivalent to lose today.


Kansas: 60

NC State: 57