Exclusive: One-On-One Interview With James Kirkland

The boxer will be facing Carlos Molina this Saturday night on HBO's Boxing After Dark.

Zachary Huttonby Zachary Hutton

HBO's 'Boxing After Dark' is back this Saturday with a double main event featuring two of the most exciting and fan friendly fighters in the sport.

Erik Morales will be taking on Danny Garcia in the main event of the night but the fight before that will include one of the hardest hitting men in the sport, James Kirkland.

Kirkland is coming off of a huge win over the Mexican beast known as Alfredo Angulo and he will be facing another Mexican warrior in the form of Carlos Molina. I had the chance to catch up with Kirkland and here's what he had to say:

CraveOnline: How are you?

James Kirkland:  Blessed man. I feel good. I'm in great shape. I'm eager to get this fight pumping and going.

CraveOnline: How's this training camp been?

Kirkland: Training camp has been going great. Weight is going as we expected. It's hard as hell as always. Training camp with Ann Wolfe , she's going to push it to the max and make sure she can pull something out of you she didn't pull out the last time.

CraveOnline: What's tougher? Her training methods or your actual fights?

Kirkland: To tell you the truth the training camp that we go through it makes the fights a piece of cake. My sparring matches are worse than the fights. All I can say is that I'm eager to get this stuff jumping and rolling.

CraveOnline: Last year you and Angulo had the fight of the year. Now you're facing another tough Mexican fighter, Carlos Molina. What are some of his best tools as a fighter in your opinion?

Kirkland: I love boxing. People say he throws a lot of punches and he's looking for a one shot knockout. I understand the game really well. I understand that I got a one shot knockout ratio, I know how to really bang and get in there and really make it happen. There's a lot of tools that come into the game. A person can be swift. They can be in the best shape of their life , they could be the baddest fighter in the world but if you ever get hit like you've never been hit before it changes the whole momentum. It changes from you're eager to throw to going to protect yourself. So let's just say whatever his tools are for the fight, congrats. Hope he uses them. Hope he listens to his coach. Hope he comes with the best. I feel like my style is ready to go against any kind. I'm fast, I can move, I can dance, I can box and I can definitely press. I got the whole package and my heart isn't even in question and my chin should never be a question either but they say it. Every person that came down to the training to see what type of conditioning I do they say "Shit". They understand this dude right here, he's not gonna give, he's not gonna go nowhere and that's only 12 rounds. It's all fun and games man to me. I do this as my job and there ain't no playing in the game but I come to show the fans what they wanna see.

CraveOnline: I recently had a chance to watch the HBO clip titled "2 Days: James Kirkland" and I have to say it was emotional and inspiring to me watching you get back to where you are at now. How important was it for you to get back with Ann after the Ishida loss?

Kirkland: Basically, coming back with Ann, we have a certain bond. As far as the training methods and hard work..see when I trained with Kenny Adams, I don't like to say it but real is real. As far as the training methods it was nothing like we have in training camp like we do in Austin. Ann Wolfe's training camp, the methods are kinda crazy. With Adams it was more Hollywood. Mostly posing and doing a lot of picture taking more than actual work. We do 2 or 4 times training a day. Down there
 we train once a day, may train twice you know it depends on how the weather is (Laughing). Totally different from the stuff we do now. I'm back to what I know best and that's hard work.

CraveOnline: Are you actively seeking a rematch with Ishida?

Kirkland: You know I've seen them on several occasions and I said something about a rematch with 'em and they said " No sir, no way." I understand, you know. After I see Paul(Williams) take care of his business with him, going back to fight Ishida would be like for what? What do I gain?

CraveOnline: In your opinion who are the best fighters at 154? And who would you want to face next?

Kirkland: I can't really call out who's the best because I honestly don't watch boxing. I don't watch boxing at all. You know they say " There's a dude at 154, he's this, he's that". It's like oh, okay, cool. They can be the best but you know I'm willing to have a fight with anybody. So I don't watch boxing a lot of the time and I do so much training, boxing is the last thing I'm thinking about when it comes down – all my life I've been boxing. Sometimes I gotta get me some free time. Other than that I don't really know any fighters by name but I know there's a lot of great competition at 154 and I'm willing to show the world that I'm willing and prepared. I really want one of these world title cats, the ones who got the belts. To get one of them I know a lot of stuff is going to change. Gonna start making that mandatory thing kick in so they ain't no choice but to fight. Until then I gotta keep on pressing man and do what i do best and that is fighting.

CraveOnline: What will happen on March 24th when you face Molina?

Kirkland: You gonna see a change. You gonna see a change in people's styles. The different style people change into, they become boxers from different experiences , the whole nine. I just know when it's that time to fight it makes a whole difference. The coach can't get in the ring with you. You can have the best of the best in the ring with you but shit no one can fight that fight but you. It's gonna be fun. Just be looking for an explosive fight, a well energized fight. People tune in.

James Kirkland will be facing Carlos Molina this Saturday night on HBO's Boxing After Dark along with Erik Morales vs Danny Garcia.