Mark Waid Demonstrates ‘Marvel Infinite Comics’

The veteran scribe shows Crave Online exactly what this new digital comics initiative is going to look like. Check out the video!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Marvel Infinite Comics Nova

When Marvel Infinite Comics was announced at SXSW, the initial reports that came out about it were confusing, making it seem like it was nothing more than the shrugworthy 'motion comics' that gave a slight buzz of lame animation to normal comic panels. Mark Waid, industry veteran and current writer of Daredevil, would like you to be absolutely certain that this isn't 'motion comics.'  He spoke to Crave Online last weekend at WonderCon to offer a demonstration of exactly the kind of thing we're looking at here – creators getting to control the flow of panels, captions and even the focus of an image as their stories unfold.

Watch our interview with him here, and see an actual demonstration of how Nova, the first Marvel Infinite Comic, will work in this new digital format.



It's simple, it's elegant, in person it looked beautiful, and it may have just sold me on finally getting a tablet. How about you?