Josh Trank to Direct ‘The Red Star’

The Chronicle director adds a third comic book project to his list of potential follow ups.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


The found footage superhero saga Chronicle has turned into one of the great success stories of 2012, with the low budget genre flick exceeding expectations both financially and critically, and leading to big things for its filmmakers, director Josh Trank and his writer Max Landis. Landis has already been tapped to write the Chronicle sequel, while Trank has had his name associated with several upcoming comic book adaptations: the Fantastic Four reboot, Fox's Venom spin-off and now The Red Star, an adaptation of the hit independent comic book series by Christian Gossett from Warner Bros. Gossett's series is set in a parallel version of Soviet Russia, in which science-fiction and fantasy elements exist side-by-side. 

Deadline reports that Trank has officially signed onto the project, making it the first of those three projects to lead to an actual deal. Jason Rothenberg, whose previous credits include "The Body Politic," an acclaimed pilot that never made it onto the air, will pen the script. The Red Star has already been adapted into a video game, which never received a proper release on the Xbox or PlayStation 2, despite allegedly being finished. Let's hope the new film breaks the cycle of non-starters for both Rothenberg and previous adaptations of the series.

CraveOnline will be back with more The Red Star news after we enlist in the Red Fleet.