Give a Warm Welcome to BioShock Infinite’s ‘Boys of Silence’

Meet the latest heavy hitter enemy in BioShock Infinite. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


You've met the Motorized Patriot and the Handyman. Now it's time to become acquainted with the latest "Heavy Hitter" from the BioShock Infinite universe — the "Boys of Silence." They're not to be confused with the boys of summer. Just so we're clear.

Irrational Games sent out a new video highlighting these unique new foes that track the player solely based off sound. As Irrational's Ken Levine puts it, "think of the cameras from BioShock 1, but walking around and looking for you." Yea, the Boys of Silence also shriek like banshees and it sounds terrifying.

Give the video a watch.