T.G.I.M.! #149

Previewing this week's sports television schedule.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Both the NIT Tourney and the big NCAA Tournament are well underway in college basketball, and we are down to the Sweet Sixteen. The action is sure to be hot, and that, combined with the NBA season heating up as the pretenders and contenders start to separate, makes this a great week in sports. Also check out some MLB preseason games this week on ESPN as we inch ever closer to opening day.



(NCAABB-NIT) No 4 Middle Tennessee at No 1 Tennessee 7 pm ESPN

(NBA) Chicago at Orlando 8 pm TNT

(NCAABB-NIT) No 6 Minnesota at No 2 Miami (FL) 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Dallas at Denver 10.30 pm TNT

(NCAABB-NIT) No 7. Illinois St at No 3 Stanford 11:30 pm ESPN 2



(MLB) Atlanta at Detroit 1 pm EPSN

(NCAABB-NIT) No 5 Massachusetts at No 3 Drexel 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB-NIT) No 3 Oregon at No 1 Washington 9 pm ESPN



(MLB) NY Yankees at Tampa Bay 1 pm ESPN

(NBA) New York at Philadelphia 7 pm ESPN

(NBA) LA Lakers at Dallas 9:30 pm ESPN



(MLB) NY Yankees at Boston 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB-Tourney) No 4 Wisconsin vs No 1 Syracuse 7:15 pm CBS

(NCAABB-Tourney) No 4 Louisville vs No 1 Michigan State 7:47 pm TBS

(NBA) Boston at Milwaukee 8 pm NBATV

(NCAABB-Tourney) No 6 Cincinnati vs No 2 Ohio State 9:45 pm CBS

(NCAABB-Tourney) No 7 Florida vs No 3 Marquette 10:17 pm TBS



(NCAABB-Tourney) No 10 Xavier vs No 3 Baylor 7:15 pm CBS

(NCAABB-Tourney) No 13 Ohio vs No 1 North Carolina 7:47 pm TBS

(NBA) Boston at Philadelphia 8 pm ESPN

(NCAABB-Tourney) No 4 Indiana vs No 1 Kentucky 9:45 pm CBS

(NCAABB-Tourney) No 11 North Carolina State vs No 2 Kansas 10:17 pm TBS

(NBA) Denver at Utah 10:30 pm ESPN



(NASCAR) NASCAR Nationwide Series at California 5:30 pm ESPN

(NBA) Dallas at Houston 8 pm NBATV

(NBA) Sacramento at Golden State 10:30 pm NBATV



(NBA) Phoenix at Cleveland 3 pm NBATV

(NASCAR) NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at California 3 pm FOX

(NBA) Miami at Oklahoma City 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) Memphis at LA Lakers 10:30 pm EEPN