REVIEW – Reality Fighters

A cool idea meets a brutal set of mechanics...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Reality Fighters

Reality Fighters is a classic fighting game with Augmented Reality features. You’ll create your own set of fighters, in addition to the game’s stock cast, by taking pictures of yourself and your friends and then slapping them on a custom body. From there, you’ll fighter over either stock locales or areas of your choosing.

The whole idea here is that fights can break out anywhere and with anyone, and the neat thing about this pitch is that you can take your PS Vita anywhere in the world and host a virtual fight.

Okay, put yourself on your couch in your living room. Right in front of your couch, you have a coffee table. Now, whip out your PS Vita and get ready to play Reality Fighters. As you start a fight, you’re afforded a host of locale options for battles. One of those options is Augmented Reality. Using the PS Vita’s rear camera, you’ll shoot a live feed of your coffee table and place your combatants directly in front of you.

Sounds great, right? Between the Yankee Candle your girlfriend keeps replacing and the day-old Coke can, you’ll pit two fighters against one another while you kick back on the couch.

For the first 10 seconds of the fight, it’s great. The coffee table virtually cracks below the combat, the fighters look hilarious with friendly faces added to their bodies and the combat actually feels decent enough to be enjoyable.

Then you realize that, crap, you have to move the PS Vita around in order to get a good view of the fight. Well, sitting down you are looking from a position above the fighters. That means you’re viewing their heads and shoulders, not their bodies. So you have to move the PS Vita down. Now your slouched, the fighters have drifted off their marks and your twisting from side to side just to keep them in view.

All that twisting and contorting gets in the way of actually playing the game. The tilting, the camera breaking and the augmented reality aspects are ever-present, so you’ll be dealing with them constantly. It makes the game not-so-fun.

Which is a damn shame. Because, with stable backgrounds that don’t move while you play, this fighter could be decent. It’s not as strong mechanical as efforts from companies like Capcom, but it has its own redeeming qualities. Namely, the cheesy humor, the absurd amount of unlockable weapons and costumes and the presence of Mr. Miyagi (seriously, it’s kinda funny).

With its problems, however, Reality Fighters just isn’t fun.


Full Disclosure: CraveOnline was sent a review copy of Reality Fighters before the game’s release. We played it for roughly 10 hours before starting our review.

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