Friday’s NCAA Tournament Games To Watch

A short-list of the best games to watch on the second day of the tourney.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Welcome to March Madness!

…well, still waiting on the Madness part.

Thursday didn’t see to much last-second action, nor did we see many upsets. Those blatantly obvious facts only mean one thing; if history serves us correctly, we are bound to see some crazy games on Friday.

Here is quick list of games on Friday that I’m pumped to see.


(9) Alabama vs. (8) Creighton  TBS 1:40 EST
Two incredibly even-matched teams. Alabama has had off-the-court trouble, but are still has athletic as any, defeating Wichita State, Purdue and VCU earlier in the year. Creighton features one of the top scorers in the nation in Doug McDermott.


(11) Texas vs. (6) Cincinnati  CBS 12:15 EST

Big 12 vs. Big East matchup in the second round? Rock on. I’m sold.


(11) NC State vs. (6) San Diego State  TruTV 12:40 EST

Mark Gottfried’s NC State team felt gypped after some bad calls in the ACC tournament. Will that post-game frustration carry over to a poor performance in the NCAA tournament? San Diego State is always fun to watch. This will be intense.


(14) Belmont vs. (3) Georgetown  TruTV 3:10 EST

Popular upset pick here. Belmont can really shoot the three, so if they get red-hot, the Hoyas could go home early for the third year in a row.


(10) Xavier vs. (12) Notre Dame  CBS 9:45 EST

Notre Dame lost their best player earlier in the season. Xavier was involved in a brawl. Needless to say both these teams have rebounded from some major drama this season and now they’ll see if they have another ‘act’ left to play.


(12) South Florida vs. (5) Temple  TNT 9:50 EST

South Florida is a 12 seed as a team out of the Big East? I picked USF to beat Cal (they did… well, ‘destroyed’ would probably be a more accurate term) and also chose them to knock out Temple. I’ll be surprised if Temple can keep up. Upset alert!