Video: Max Payne 3’s Cinematic Immersion Factor

Get a look at some of the tech powering the cinematic nature of Rockstar's next.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Rockstar has sent out the latest video in their "Design and Technology" video series for Max Payne 3, this time focusing in on the game's cinematic qualities and how Rockstar plans to immerse the player into the experience.

Rockstar has a two-fold plan to accomplish this: A) They've developed a custom panel generator to simultaneously keep the game a cinematic experience while also paying tribute to the franchise's comic-inspired roots. And B) the game seamlessly blends cutscenes with gameplay without the need for a single loading screen. You get a taste of both of those elements in the below video, as well as a lot of bullets flying by and explosions going off. But considering this is Max Payne, we'd have it no other way.