Alexa Davalos Joins ‘L.A. Noir’

The former 'Angel' and ' Riddick' actress signs on to Frank Darabont's upcoming pilot as the female lead.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Ever since Frank Darabont's "L.A. Noir" was announced back in January, the former "Walking Dead" showrunner has been stacking his cast with familiar faces from "Heroes," "Justified" and even "The Walking Dead." Now, Darabont has added another genre veteran to the mix.

Deadline is reporting that Alexa Davalos has joined "L.A. Noir" as Jasmine, the female lead. Very little is known about Davalos' character, but she is described as "a beauty with a complicated past."

Davalos may best be known for appearing in films like "The Chronicles of Riddick," "Clash of the Titans" and "Defiance." However, she also portrayed Gwen Raiden on "Angel" and she starred in the short-lived Fox series, "Reunion." Davalos also previously appeared in Darabont's feature film adaptation of "The Mist."

"L.A. Noir" takes place in Los Angeles during the '40s and '50s against the backdrop of a war between the LAPD and Mickey Cohen's mob. Earlier this month, Neal McDonough signed on to portray Police Chief William Parker, while Milo Ventimiglia will portray Ned Stax, a lawyer and fixer for the mob. Jeremy Strong will also play Mike Hendry, Mickey Cohen's second-in-command.

On Monday, "Walking Dead" costar Jon Bernthal officially closed his deal to play the lead of "L.A. Noir," Police officer Joe Teague; a man torn between Parker and Cohen.

Production of the "L.A. Noir" pilot is expected to begin later this year and it has a very strong chance of going to series at TNT.