How Do You Like Your Power Girl?

The notoriously cleavagey heroine has been going through some costume changes. Take a look and see what you think.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Power Girl

As we all know, comic books are a world where every man has six-pack abs and pecs you could drive a car across, and every woman has a three-inch waist and a double-D cup size. You'd like a little more variety in the game, but when you do, Gertrude Yorkes gets killed off or Amanda Waller gets New 52-ed into Halle Berry. In the case of Power Girl, somehow it became canon that she had larger than average boobs. Sure, every superheroine ever has larger than average boobs, but she was the one you were allowed to talk about – characters in her stories talked about it. Her last solo series made many jokes about it, and artist Amanda Conner even incorporated goofy visual gags around it.

And DC has gotten some flack for their treatments of female characters once the New 52 rolled around – not only the early sleaze of Catwoman, the disturbing sexual brainfarting of Starfire and the disappearance of fan favorite Batgirls Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain – not to mention the Waller thing. So now that it's time to bring Power Girl back to the fore, it seems they're testing out a less exploitative route for once.

For reference, here is an image of the classic look of Power Girl, as rendered by Conner, from her pre-New 52 solo series.

Power Girl #12


Yes. Ridiculously boobful, as was the tradition – plus, no pants. Everybody likes looking at attractive ladies, and many people also like looking at drawings of attractive ladies, and when a lady is the one drawing attractive ladies, it feels like guilt-free horndoggery is the name of the day. However, if you really look at it objectively and without prurient interest, it does feel pretty exploitative. At the very least, it's impractical for crimefighting in a world where every adventure worth its salt tends to leave people with torn up clothing.


So, that brings us to the cover for Worlds' Finest #1, drawn by industry legend George Perez. This is where we get our first look at the New 52 Power Girl outfit.

Worlds' Finest #1


Now that's nice. More demure, but still pretty sleek, and hey, her chest even seems like a normal human size that one could actually achieve without surgical augmentation. We may miss the jaunty one-shoulder cape thing, but it should really make Power Girl less of a punchline. And, as a bonus, the Huntress no longer has the completely pointless belly window and thong and is back to a hard-nosed full-bodysuit look, to boot.


However, today, we got the cover image for Worlds' Finest #2, and confusion abounds.


Worlds' Finest #2


What's going on here? We're hoping this is an origin/flashback style sequence being portrayed here, because this looks like it's gone a bit overboard with how busy it is. Sweatpant-style stripes down the side and a cape that seems to be crawling down her front? Yeah, this has to be a transitional phase for the costume – we'll use her hair length as the indicator of that transition from Earth 2 Supergirl to our Power Girl.


That's my opinion, at least. What's your take on the ever-morphing look of Karen Starr, aka Power Girl? Let us know!