Will Carol Danvers Be The New Captain Marvel?

Marvel teases a new Captain Marvel book this July, and rumor has it Ms. Marvel will be promoted to Captain.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Ms. Marvel

This morning, Marvel sent out a teaser image plugging a new Captain Marvel in July of 2012, with only a logo and no image of the character. There have been a number of Captains Marvel in the past, and with DC officially ceding the name to them and redubbing their Captain Marvel straight-up Shazam, the time has come for Marvel to bring him back. But it's likely not a HIM they'll be bringing.

The original Captain Marvel – aka Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree – is long dead and his death is far too iconic to reverse. His son Genis-Vell took up the title for a while, but he is also dead (after he went crazy), and his daughter Phyla-Vell had the mantle for a while as well, but she is also dead. Monica Rambeau was Captain Marvel for a time, and she's since been Nextwaved out. There's no real reason she couldn't come back, but instead, rumor has it Marvel is going to kill four warbirds with one stone. First, they bring the name Captain Marvel to prominence. Second, they launch their only female-led title in the wake of X-23's cancellation. Third, they bring a female writer in to do it justice. And fourth, they finally give Carol Danvers a decent codename.

Carol Danvers was actually a major in the U.S. Air Force, outranking a captain, but she's got military cred. She also has a connection to Mar-Vell, as she got her powers after getting mixed up in one of his adventures. She's also had trouble keeping a codename. Her original and current name of Ms. Marvel really doesn't have a good modern-day zing, and while her other codename Warbird wasn't bad, it still sounds sort of crusty – which fit the storyline at the time, when she descended into alcoholism. By giving her the title of Captain Marvel, her profile will skyrocket, and if Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer of Osborn: Incarcerated, Supergirl: This Is Not My Life and Castle: Deadly Storm – not to mention the wife of Matt Fraction) is indeed going to be at the helm, this may hopefully start a wave of bringing Marvel's important but not quite iconic female characters to greater prominence.

So let's root for this to happen! And let's hope Carol doesn't have to wear a thong anymore, either!


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