6 People Asleep On The News

Your Action News Team is sleeping on the air!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Make sure to drink a Red Bull or something if you’re going on live TV early in the morning. You don’t want to become a viral video, like the poor souls below who were caught taking a nap live on the air. They won’t be able to rest easy anymore…


Sleepy From Washington

Politics Town is boring.


Sleepy Harry Belafonte

Is it Day-O or Night-O?


Sleepy On The BBC

News from home: Simon McCoy needs a nap.


Sleepy At GOP Debate

There’ve been so many debates, who can blame her for sleeping through part of one?


Sleepy KTLA Weatherman

He’s got his feet up, too. Ballsy, weather guy!


Sleepy on KARE

Sven puts me to sleep, too. F*** Sven!


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