Battlefield 3 Gets 3 More Expansions

EA and DICE have a few content packs planned throughout the year.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The world of Battlefield 3 is about to get a lot bigger. DICE revealed today that there are plans for three more expansion packs for the title, starting with the "Close Quarters" pack this June. 

As the name implies, the Close Quarters DLC will focus on infantry battles, introducing four new smaller maps and a slew of new weaponry. There will be no vehicles added to this pack, which makes sense considering the name.

Then, the tables will be flipped when DICE releases the "Armored Kill" pack later this year, which focuses on vehicular combat, offering up larger-scale maps and a few new vehicles.

Finally, DICE will wrap up their trifecta of Battlefield 3 DLC with the "End Game" content pack. Unfortunately, no details about this pack where given, but if we had to venture a guess, it's probably going to feature some pretty badass things. That's about as descriptive as we can get at the moment. Sorry.

This news should be music to the ears of Battlefield 3 fans. We haven't seen any downloadable content for the title since the "Back to Karkand" DLC, which released back in December of last year. Will you be picking up any/all of these DLC packs? Are you still feverishly logging hours into EA and DICE's military shooter? Let us know in the comments below.