What If GTA Car-jack Victims Didn’t Go Down Without a Fight?

Watch this hilarious video that will make you think twice about stealing someone's ride in GTA.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


That's the question posed by Freddie Wong's latest YouTube video. In the below short we see what happens when one angry civilian doesn't take too kindly to be ripping out of his ride and left on the curb with a skinned knee. He follows the only logical course of action: strap on some roller skates and set out to take back what is rightfully his. 

Freddie Wong's gaming-inspired YouTube videos are always a treat, and this one is no different. As par for the course, the special effects on display here are quite impressive, especially the video's messy ending. The team working on this video even nailed the camera angles of the Grand Theft Auto games. Well done all around, gang!