Podcast Review: Mohr Stories w/ Jay Mohr

This week we review Jay Mohr's newest venture in comedy: his podcast. 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe


Jay Mohr is someone you probably have very strong feelings about whether you know it or not. You’ve seen him in Jerry McGuire, Gary Unmarried, SNL or as the host of Last Comic Standing. You either love him or hate him. Or, for a few of you – you love to hate him. But he sure can be a funny f*cker. In any case, his podcast, “Mohr Stories” brought to you by Kevin Smith and his Smodcast podcast network is something that might be worth your time.

The show features some great stories from the world of movies, comedy, and sports. In addition, Jay has some delightful guests from the realm of comedy join him on the mic like Tom Segura, Colin Quinn, Jim Jefferies, and Dave Attell. There really has yet to be a disappointing episode, with the exception Eric Roberts forgetting the name of the character he played in The Dark Knight. But, the guy’s Eric Roberts – he can do that, I guess.

What else are you really looking for? Sports fan? Check out the podcast. Want to know what Tom Cruise is like on the set? Check out the podcast. Want to know how much of a b*tch Jennifer Aniston can be? Want to hear endless Pesci, Walken, and Tracey Morgan impressions? Want to slowly but surely start to take Jay Mohr’s ideas about sports and pass them off as your own? Check out the podcast.

It’s free every Thursday on iTunes and it clocks in around a little over an hour. Perfect for a workout or drive to work. Also, there’s plenty of great back-episodes to catch up on.

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