Emmy Rossum on ‘Shameless’

The lead actress from Showtime's sexy comedy tells us about getting hot and sweaty.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

The new season of "Shameless" has the Gallagher family dealing with the summer heat. So not only does Emmy Rossum have lovely nude scenes, but she’s also slick and lathered down with beads of sweat. When she was on a panel with the cast for the Television Critics Association, I went there with Emmy Rossum.


CraveOnline: How shameless is Fiona?  Is she one of the more "holding it together" of the group?

Emmy Rossum: Yeah. I mean, she's definitely a Gallagher through and through. I think that means that she will fight to the death for her siblings, but also, I think shameless is a good thing. I think shame is a negative thing in society, and I think that this is a family that revels in who they are and being honest about who they are, and I think that that's a good thing. 

She's definitely acting a little more shameless this year than last. I mean, she's nursing a broken heart, and it's summer. So it's sweaty. And she's definitely playing the field a little bit, but I think that we'll see as the season goes on that that's coming from a place of hurt.

CraveOnline: Are you surprised she's so hung up on Steve?

Emmy Rossum: Have you seen him? No. He's gorgeous, and he's really what she doesn't want to admit that she needs and wants. I mean, they have a lot of loose ends that they need to tie up, but I think that they are very right for each other in a lot of ways. 

I mean, he is kind of stable or probably as stable as she can get without being bored, and he steals cars, and she likes a bad boy.

CraveOnline: With the summer heat, are you guys all getting sprayed down before each take with the sweat? 

Emmy Rossum: When we shoot in L.A. and we're not actually outdoors, then, yes, there's a lot of baby oil and spritzing happening.

CraveOnline: That sounds gross.  Is it gross?

Emmy Rossum: Not as bad as when we're actually in Chicago outside, and there's no need for baby oil or spritzing.