Watch Us Play: SSX

Erik and Joey hit the deadly slopes doin' flips and sh*t!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


For our latest episode of Watch Us Play, Joey Davidson and Erik Norris scale the deadly descents of EA Sports' SSX reboot. And by scale, we really mean fly down them at speeds over 100 miles per hour hitting jumps and doing sick tricks. Oh, we also coast down the slopes in squirrel suits. Yup, that happens.

As previously noted, SSX is a relaunch of the popular snowboarding brand. The game brings the series back to its roots with some solid online integration and a structure that lets you pretty much go anywhere and do anything while bombing down the game's wide range of courses. It's a X-treme (emphasis on the "X") snowboarding experience, to say the least. Give it a look:

Watch us play SSX in HD.

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