Stan Lee is a Playable Character in Amazing Spider-Man

You'll get to knock out some thugs as "The Man" himself.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


When you pick up the Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in game later this year, there will be a surprise playable character that longtime Marvel fans should get a kick out of — Stan Lee. Stan "The Man" Lee will make his first appearance ever as a playable video game character in the upcoming Spidey tie-in game developed by Beenox, reports Addict of Fiction

As we all know, Lee has made many appearances in Marvel films before, but this is his first gaming venture (if you don't count him narrating the original Spider-Man film game). We image his special ability to take down foes standing in his way will be to just smile. No living thing with a soul could ever say no to that. 

We aren't yet sure if Stan Lee will be a fully-fledged character or just a skin for Spider-Man, but I guess we'll know for sure when Amazing Spider-Man releases in June. 

Stay tuned, True Believers!

[Image courtesy of Mobius-One]