The Browns NEED Robert Griffin III

Cleveland needs to do something to bring back excitement to their team.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

According to sources, the St. Louis Rams have decided to trade out of the number two pick in the upcoming April draft and one of the heavily favored teams to be interested in that pick is the Cleveland Browns. If the Browns go that route and trade up to the number 2 spot, then it's a foregone conclusion that they are going to draft potential NFL star quarterback Robert Griffin III, meaning that the Colt McCoy era would be officially over.

I don't think they should just do it. I think the Browns FRIGGAN NEED to do it!

Ever since the Browns return to the NFL after Art Modell took the team to Baltimore seemingly overnight, Cleveland has been no more than an afterthought in the NFL community. That's right, one of the most storied franchises dating back to the old school NFL, has been nothing but a joke since Drew Carrey gave the team a rousing return before being pasted by the Steelers back in 1999. This team is in desperate need for an infusion of excitement and as the last NFL season showed you, no one player can turn around a franchise like a quality QB.

I say this meaning no offense to Colt McCoy, who has it in him to be an excellent backup in this NFL, but the things that RGIII brings to the table would instantly vitalize this team and shore up a lot of the issues on offense. Griffin, the 2011 Heisman winner, is everything you look for in a quarterback. He's fast, smart, accurate and most importantly, he's a winner.

All that thrown together and he's the total package for a position of need, one that even the experts agree that the Browns will target to improve.

“I think they’ve pretty much resolved themselves to the fact they’re going to go that route,” ESPN expert Mel Kiper said in regards to the Browns quarterback situation. “They’re probably going to kick Colt McCoy to the curb. That’s what happens to a lot of young quarterbacks that don’t have great physical qualifications.”

Any way you look at it, sharing the division with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and the steadily improving Cincinnati Bengals isn't a walk in the park by any means. With those three teams staring at you, the Browns are going to need to generate offense in any way they can and the versatility that RGIII brings with him, being a QB that can run as well as throw, is perfect in regards to how to combat the tough defenses in the division.

The Browns NEED to pull the trigger on this trade. For their fans and for the future of the franchise. Players like RGIII don't come around every year and for Cleveland, their time is NOW.