Sports Fix: Episode 19

Kobe Bryant breaks his nose at the NBA-All-Star game, Ben & Jerry's gets in trouble after jumping on the Linsanity bandwagon and more!

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Josh Helmuth delivers the top sports stories of the past weekend.

The NBA-All-Star game was Sunday evening with the West defeating the East 152-149. Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant had 36 points and was named the game's MVP – but the Heat's Lebron James also had 36 points and Dwyane Wade added a triple double for the East. As for the Laker's Kobe Bryant – he broke two things – Michael Jordan's all-time scoring record for the all-star game and his nose. After being evaluated following the game, a scan revealed a nasal fracture – a fracture that was caused due to a hard foul from Dwayne Wade. Of course Kobe stayed in the game, but considering the more than 300 points scored, the defense from each team did not. Unless of course your name is Dwayne – which is a great name by the way. Reminds me of my Amish cousin.


In Saturday night's all-star weekend festivities, Jazz forward Jeremy Evans won the Slam Dunk Contest while Minnesota's Kevin Love took home the 3-point contest championship.

Ryan Braun will get to suit up for Milwaukee after all. After news arose that Braun failed a drug test back in December, the Brewers slugger and current National League MVP appealed the result – stating it was incorrect due to unique circumstances. Well, after more than two months of mediation from an arbitration panel, Braun became the first player in the history of the Major League Baseball drug testing program to win an appeal – lifting the 50-game suspension he would have had to serve at the beginning of this season. Although Braun hasn't yet stated why his testosterone levels in his sample were 5 times the amount of a normal human male – some fans are simply linking it to excessive chocolate milk consumption.

And the iconic ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry's had to issue an apology after including fortune cookies in it's newest frozen yogurt flavor released at Harvard Square in Boston: the flavor: Taste The Linsanity – that's right, Knicks Guard Jeremy Lin now has Fro-Yo named after him – only apparently it's racially insensitive. While I'm sure Lin wouldn't mind the fortune cookies, considering his recent fortunate rise to fame in the NBA via Hawwwwwvvvvaaaaad  – but to be politically correct, the ice cream giant is now using waffle cones instead.  Which is OK for now, considering Lin hasn't developed a southern accent, with all the Waffle Houses in the south – a waffle yogurt cone named after a southerner might be considered politically incorrect too – I mean, isn't that what we all think when going to buy our ice cream? Hmmm, I love Rocky Road, but wait! Was that invented during the depression? No, It came out after Rocky Balboa. Ok perfect, I'll take 5! Fortune cookies or not, I'm sure The Linsanity flavor is delicious. 

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