Podcast Review: How Did This Get Made?

Get the skinny as we review: How Did This Get Made?

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Do you love movies? Do you love bad movies? “Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it's amazing?” Of course you have! Every other week on HDTGM Paul Sheer (Human Giant, The League, Piranha 3-D), June Diane Raphael (Flight of the Concords), and Jason Mantzoukas (The League) take a look at some so-awful-it’s-wonderful movies like Skyline, The Room, Burlesque, and anything with Nic Cage in the past five years.

What’s so awesome about this podcast is that, despite being really funny, the group offers some genuinely cool analysis of what their pic-o-the-week-movie is “about.” Not to mention, they’re joined by great guests like Patton Oswalt, Rachel Harris, Doug Benson, and other great minds from the world of Film and Comedy.


Also, the folks from HDTGM bring in the directors and stars from their favorite best-worst-movies like Bryan Taylor (Crank, Crank 2), Vanilla Ice, and Lexi Alexander (Punisher: War Zone) to tell the stories behind how exactly this did get made!

The only real cons to this podcast is that it’s too short (at an average of around 40 minutes, you’ll find that you could listen to them talk for easily over and hour) and that the podcast, in-full, is only released bi-weekly — but don’t worry there are plenty of back episodes to catch up on in the meantime.

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