Liverpool Win Carling Cup

Steven Gerrard lifts the cup after defeating Cardiff in a thrilling match.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Liverpool yesterday (February 27) ended their six-year cup drought after defeating Cardiff on penalties 3-2. 

After going so long without adding any new trophies to their trophy cabinet, manager Kenny Dalglish was eager to state that this would not be the end of Liverpool's winning ways, saying: "Although we have won something today, that is not us finished. We don't want to stop here, we want to keep going. It (Liverpool) means an awful lot to a lot of people.

"All we do is try to make them as happy as we possibly can. Today we have been able to do that. Hopefully it makes up for some of the days when we have not been able to."

The victory came after a nail-biting 2-2 draw, which saw Liverpool almost pick up the win following a superb finish from sub Kuyt in the 18th minute of extra time, only for Filip Kiss to equalise in the 27th minute.

The penalty shoot-out that subsequently followed saw both teams making errors, with Gerrard and Charlie Adam both failing to reach the back of the net. However, mistakes from Cardiff saw their cup dreams land on the shoulders of substitute Anthony Gerrard, cousin of Steven Gerrard, who scuffed the ball wide to give Liverpool the victory.

After missing the penalty Gerrard slumped to the ground, while cousin Steven abandoned his teams celebrations to console him. Speaking after the game about Anthony's miss, Steven said:  "It was always going to be the case that one of us was going to be sad and one would be celebrating and I have mixed emotions.

"It doesn't matter what I say to him at this time. I know he will be down because I have been there when I scored an own goal against Chelsea in the 2005 final. I'll be here for him after the game and all the family will be too."

Dalglish also offered his thoughts on Anthony's miss, saying: "It's sad the boy missed it. This is not a nice way to win a cup but we'll take it."

So it seems that the £100million invested into the club following the return of Dalglish is now starting to pay off. It remains to be seen whether we have witnessed the beginning of a rejuvenated, winning Liverpool, but with the Merseyside team still in contention for the FA Cup and spirits no doubt running high, this is a good day to be a Liverpool fan.

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