Mighty Thor #11: The God of Thunder Returns

Mighty Thor is back from the dead, chillin' at the beach down in Club Med.  Er, wait.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

The Mighty Thor #11

Thor is back and there’s gonna be trouble! Hey Naa hey naa Thor is back!

Yep, Thor has returned. Well, he’s kind of returned. He is on his way home to Asgard, to protect it from the Trolls and their heinous plot to destroy the All Mother. For those not keeping score, let me sum up the situation. After Thor “died” in the abysmal series Fear Itself, he was laid to rest in a traditional funeral pyre. Through trickery and a convoluted plot twist, all memory of Thor was wiped from the minds of everyone and Tanarus, a Troll disguised as a God, replaced the God Of Thunder. Confused? Don’t feel bad; writer Matt Fraction has a way of taking the easiest plot ideas and twisting them into mind pretzels.

Thankfully, the whole “Thor being gone” idea didn’t last too long. Three issues later and The Mighty Thor #11 has its title character bashing through the guts of the Demogorge, the God-Eater, the thing that can spell ultimate doom for any God. While Thor and some buddies try to kill the Demogorge, Loki (still a kid) enlists the help of Silver Surfer to strike into the heart of the Trolls and find out what the hell is going on.  Sadly, you never really get a clear idea of what happened, what’s happening now or why any of this went down. Fraction’s too busy setting up the big war to bother with details like continuity or a clear story-arc.

What does work for Mighty Thor #11 is the sheer sense of adventure. So what that we have no idea who these Troll bitches are, nor do we fully comprehend why they decided an intricate plot where they erase Thor from the memory of every living thing was the smoothest path to killing the All Mother? Why the Tanarus bit? Who knows? None of it really matters because Mighty Thor #11 is bristling with fantasy action.

Thor and his crew battle through the tentacles of the Demogorge and arrive at the creatures’ heart. Meanwhile, Silver Surfer and Loki are unleashing some overdue payback on the Troll queens as their armies march to Asgard for war. The final layer of action is Tanarus, now revealed as a Troll warrior, battling it out with an Asgardian before Tony Stark, who was in the middle of demonstrating to the All Mother how Stark Technologies has helped Asgard fly again. With so much going on, and all of it nicely paced and well written, Mighty Thor #11 helps to wash away the bad taste of the last few issues. I have little faith Fraction won’t blow it, but for now he’s served us a huge helping of what makes Thor so awesome.

Pasqual Ferry and Pepe Larraz are good artists, but not the pair I would have chosen for Thor. Their style is too flowery, too muted and the watercolor look just doesn’t scream Thor to me. Some of what they do is okay. The Trolls look cool, and some of the Demogorge action works, but mostly it is just boring and almost silly. Especially Tony Stark. Not only does he look like a gay hairdresser, but somehow the Iron Man costume is drawn like a yoga outfit. If Marvel would assign a decent artist, and Fraction could maintain this level of storytelling, The Mighty Thor might become a premiere superhero book.


CRAVE ONLINE RATING: 7/10 (4 Story, 3 Art)