4th and Goal: NFL Offseason Questions Part 2

4 questions out of many that plague this offseason.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Wide receivers headline this year free agents but who is the most underrated?

There are a ton of wideouts floating out there in free agency land but the one under the radar guy who I'd take a flyer on is Saints receiver Marques Colston. A seventh round draft choice back in 2006, Colston has been the poster child for steady, consistent production since entering the league. He has posted 1,000 yards seasons in five of his six season and in the 86 games he's played, he's put up an impressive 6,240 yards with 48 touchdowns on 449 receptions. With Colston's combination of height, speed, hands, and intelligence, he is easily the best option for any team out there, wideout-wise.


Will the Baltimore Ravens pay Ray Rice or Joe Flacco first?

The Baltimore Ravens face quite the dilemma this offseason. Their young quarterback, Joe Flacco, is entering the final year of his rookie contract and it's at this point that a long term extension is given if the team is comfortable with it's QB. The thing is, however, Baltimore isn't comfortable with Flacco, at least in the sense that they are willing to pay him the money he's looking for.

Also, to add to their dilemma, Baltimore also has to try to shore up running back Ray Rice, who, frankly, is the Ravens offense. Rice is wanting a 7 year contract worth upwards of $100 million dollars and while he is a premier back in this league, perhaps arguably the top one going into next season, it's hard for any team to invest that much cash into a running back. RB's traditionally have short shelf lives due to the constant contact they endure.

Overall, expect Rice to get franchised till a contract, probably in the 3-5 year range, can be worked out and expect Flacco and the Ravens to get a contract worked out first.


Does Tim Tebow have to adjust to the Broncos or the Broncos to him?

The Denver Broncos heavily altered their offensive gameplan when they made the move to Tim Tebow under center last season. They instituted more of a read option, college level system as opposed to a traditional one because, to be honest, Tebow was in no position to run a standard NFL offense. The new offense worked enough for the Broncos to make the playoffs and win the division but it's long term vitality is weak at best.

While I expect Tebow to make strides this offense in his mental growth, he is still years away from fully mastering a complex NFL system so, in reality, both Tebow and the Broncos coaching staff have to meet in the middle if they expect to sustain the success they experienced last season.


What do the Jets do with a regressing Mark Sanchez?

Let me start out by saying that I wouldn't want to be a higher up in the Jets organization if Peyton Manning hits the open market because I would seriously consider dumping Sanchez for him in a heartbeat. The Jets are built to win now as a number of their pieces are either in their prime or just north of it, so a struggling Sanchez isn't going to last long. If the Jets roll with Sanchez, they need to get this guys confidence up and they need to iron out all locker room issues, plain and simple.