Devon Alexander Exclusive Interview

Devon Alexander sits down with CraveOnline to talk about his upcoming bout with Marcos Maidana.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

This coming Saturday on HBO's BAD, two world-class Jr Welterweights will make the leap into arguably the best weight class in boxing when St. Louis's Devon Alexander takes on the hard hitting Argentine Marcos Maidana at 147 pounds. I recently had a chance to sit down and speak with Devon about the clash, here is what he had to say:

CraveOnline: Hey Devon, how are you?

Devon Alexander: Hey, how's it going Zac?

CraveOnline: Pretty good man. Let's talk about your fight coming up with Marcos Maidana. How long has this training camp been and how has it been for you?

Devon Alexander:  Training camp has been good. I started off training about 3 months ago. We're moving up in weight class to 147. We definitely started training early, it's been about 7 or 8 weeks now and we're ready to rock n roll.

CraveOnline: What do you think Maidana brings to the table as a fighter?

Devon Alexander: Well we all know that he's coming to fight and he's coming to win and he's coming to knock your head off. So we expect that. That's what he brings.

CraveOnline: What advantages do you see yourself having over him?

Devon Alexander: Well speed kills as you know in any sport. I think Maidana has a problem with people with skill and speed. Enough said right there.

CraveOnline: I saw recently that his manager made some really shady comments about you and PEDs. You being a clean fighter thus far in your career makes the accusation completely ludicrous. Does this give you extra motivation to take it to him in the fight?

Devon Alexander: Definitely. People know me and when my coach actually told me it was kinda funny. I'm like "Huh?"I thought he was just joking but you know being that he was serious I'm like "Huh? Where would they get that from?". It got me thinking if they are having second thoughts, are they rethinking their decision to get in the ring with me or what so it's definitely motivation and I'm definitely anxious to get in there and show people why I'm Alexander The Great. It comes with the territory.

CraveOnline: How long having you been planning to move up to 147?

Devon Alexander:  This last time fighting against Matthysse it was way harder to make 140. Me and my coach were definitely debating on moving up to 147. I'm definitely comfortable at this weight. No struggles. I'm strong, got my legs back. You guys are gonna see me elusive and fast this fight. I'm definitely excited to prove a lot of critics wrong.

CraveOnline: What do you think about your former adversary Tim Bradley getting a shot at Manny Pacquaio and how do you see the fight playing out?

Devon Alexander:  I'm kinda happy for him and at the same time I wanna fight him again myself. I'm actually happy for him. It's gonna be a good fight. Bradley you know, he's hungry. Pacquaio's gonna come there in shape to you know. Bradley's not gonna be a push over. It's a good fight. We'll just have to see. Pacquaio may be a little too much for him but we'll just have to see.

CraveOnline: If you get past Maidana who are you targeting next?

Devon Alexander:  Sky's the limit cause you know 147 is packed. It's packed with talent and it's packed with a lot of people so I want them all. You can look at my resume, I'm prepare when I fight. I believe in my skills and I believe my skills can take me far. I'll fight anybody as long as the situation is right.

CraveOnline: Lastly Devon, what will happen on February 25th?

Devon Alexander:  February 25th people gonna realize how good I am and how a threat I'm gonna be and that I could become one of the best fighters anyone has ever seen. You guys definitely haven't seen the best of Devon Alexander. You know I'm 25 now. I'm steady learning. You definitely gonna see why they say I'm good, I'm excited.

CraveOnline: Good luck for your fight man, thank you.

Devon Alexander:   Appreciate it my man.

Devon Alexander will be taking on Marcos Maidana this Saturday 10PM ET on HBO.