Kojima Productions Begins Work on ‘Next’ Metal Gear

A recruitment drive has begun for the next Metal Gear title.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Oh snap, it's on. Kojima Productions has begun a recruitment drive for the "latest Metal Gear Solid" game. In said recruitment drive, it's mentioned that this mystery title will appear on "high-end consoles and PC."

It wasn't that long ago that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima said that his company would probably work on Metal Gear Solid 5. At the time we took that as a definitive confirmation, but that wasn't exactly accurate. Kojima was just saying that another Metal Gear is in the cards, however, his studio has yet to lock it down.

It appears as though the locks have officially be placed down now with the news of this recruitment drive, as Kojima Productions is looking to fill open positions in both Tokyo and California. However, this "next" Metal Gear game — Kojima's use of quotations, not ours — might not be Metal Gear Solid 5 at all. In fact, it could be a prequel title or something else entirely. Many across the internet are speculating it might be a remake of the original Metal Gear. The reasoning: this promo art posted on the job listing site. 

Speculate away!