Justice League: The #1-Selling Comic Book

See what's coming in the most popular book of the New 52 last month.  It's the all-star team.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League #7

I have not been kind to Geoff Johns and Jim Lee during their reinvention of Justice League.  Whether it's my preference for the Justice League: Year One concept where the second-stringers formed the team and had to really lobby for the big guns to join, or the fact that Hal Jordan is a huge douche, the story's been a big goofy slap-fight or the truly stunning Fart of Darkness, I've called it a comedy of errors.  However, my kindness doesn't matter.  Justice League has Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman in it.  Therefore, it's gonna sell like gangbusters in the DC New 52 renaissance.  It was the top selling book of January 2012, and the top ten was all DC.  Justice League #1 is going back to print for the seventh time.  Mind officially boggled.

So, in the interest of fairness, let's take a look at some of the cool covers they've revealed for the next four issues of Justice League, and see if it's still gonna keep it's numbers steady after the New 52 shine has faded.


First off, two covers for Justice League #6, due out next week.


Justice League #6


This one is from Lee.  “I wanted to create a cover which resonated with what I consider to be the most classic Darkseid story – namely the Great Darkness Saga – so that entailed the Justice League bowing down naturally to the power of Darkseid,” he explained. “Except of course Batman who, despite not having powers, fights with all his strength in defiance.”


Justice League #6

The variant cover is from Ivan Reis, the artist on Johns' Aquaman.  Straight up Darkseid face.  And he looks mad, not gassy.


Justice League #7


This is the Justice League #7 cover by Gary Frank, who will be joining Johns and illustrating the back-up stories starting in this issue bringing Billy Batson into the New 52.  How's the Shazam business going to shake out?  We'll see.  Gene Ha will be handling the interior art for the Justice League story, which transfers them from the past to the present, but Frank took a shot at the cover anyway.  “It was great to get the chance to do all of the redesigned team members together,” Frank said. “I noticed how it was generally Superman or Batman at the center of this kind of ensemble shot, so I thought I’d give the girls the spotlight this time by putting Wonder Woman in the heart of things.”


Justice League #8


Now we've got Green Arrow showing up in Justice League #8 determined to make himself a member, despite Aquaman's objections.  It features a cover from Jim Lee and Scott Williams, with Carlos D'anada handling the interior art – and Gary Frank continuing "The Curse of Shazam" story. 


Justice League #9


And finally, Justice League #9, another Lee/Williams piece, who are also handling the interiors.  This kicks off a story called "The Villain's Journey," which is supposed to establish an all-new threat to the League.  Plus, part three of the Shazam story boasts some Dr. Sivana action.

So there's your look at what's in store for the top book in the land.  Will it still be the king of the hill by the time #9 rolls around?  We'll have to wait and see.