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Watch some of’s favorite comedians and donate to a good cause.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

This Tuesday, February 21st, a group of LA based comedians will take the stage to raise money for two of their own. As we reported just a month ago, comedians Angelo Bowers and Josh Adam Meyers were hit by a drunk driver early in January which took the life of Angelo Bowers and led to Meyers being hospitalized. It was one of the saddest days in comedy in recent memory.

Josh Adam Meyers and Angelo Bowers. Angelo you will be missed. 

Some of the best comedians working today have come together on stage to honor the memory of Angelo and help put Josh Adam Meyers back on his feet. This show will take efforts a step further by live-streaming the event online; which allows people all over the world to enjoy the show donate to the cause. This show also happens to have been organized by yours truly, and contains many of the comedians I’ve been recommending in these pages the past few years.

Before I go any further that livestream is at

If anything good came from this tragedy, it was the amazing outpouring of support from the LA comedy scene at large. Josh Adam Meyers had a line of comedians twenty deep at his bedside at all times, and fundraising efforts were underway almost immediately. As of this writing, large sum of money have already been raised both for Josh’s medical bills and to help Angelo’s family (with funeral related costs). Still there is a long way to go in helping put things right for these two comedians.

You see… both these men and I go back a long way. Years before I was working for, I was running a weekly comedy show in Hollywood at Unknown Theater. This show, which was awarded LA Weekly’s coveted “Best of LA” nod, was hosted by none other than Josh Adam Meyers. A regular performer (in fact one of the only people who could go up EVERY week) was Angelo Bowers. I inherited the show (Myself along with Josh and co-producer comedian Dustin David) from its previous management (Laura Valdivia and Sarah Tiana); who had also made their stage available every week to Angelo Bowers, and often featured Josh. Throughout that show's existence (it ended when Unknown Theater was closed a few years ago) Josh, Angelo, Dustin, Laura and Sarah, and the house band Elemenopy became like family. So when the accident happened, it struck me, and a lot of other folks VERY close to home.


Josh and Angelo in art from Lance Sawyer

So in an effort to help these two men, who shared many a stage with me in past years, I’ve put together a show with some of the best comedians I know, and made it available not only to the local LA audience  who can attend in person at ACME comedy theater this Tuesday, but also the whole world via the magic of live streaming. The show goes live at 7:30 PST and runs for several hours. Tune in to see some of the best comedians on the planet, and if moved by the outpouring of support for these two great men, perhaps donate a small amount yourself. The glory of donations is that it doesn’t take much per person, but a small amount from many people can add up to a very large amount.

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