VaLINtine’s Day Dagger In Toronto

Re-capping the NBA’s eastern conference’s top headlines and more.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

The 2012 NBA basketball season is already half way over and it’s been nothing short of insanity…. Well, as of late, Linsanity… Don’t worry. If you’re not caught up on the news, I’ll fill ya in.

I’ve already written one feature on New York Knicks new, surprising, over-night superstar point guard, Jeremy Lin. But when looking back on this week’s NBA news from the eastern conference, you can’t help but talk about him even more.


Game of the Week

Tuesday – New York Knicks 90,  Toronto Raptors 87

Happy VaLintines day New York! Jeremy Lin drained a 3-pointer with just one second remaining to solidify New York’s seventh straight win. Forget the fact that a guy tried to trademark the term ‘Linsanity,’ and you still can’t escape the Linsational headlines. He’s the best sports story in a long time, and possibly the best NBA story since the league has been around. The Knicks are still undefeated with him starting at the point.

"He continues to impress every night," teammate Jared Jeffries said after the Toronto win. "Every game he plays better, he does more and more to help us win basketball games. You can't ask any more of a kid coming into this situation."

And for the quote of the night: "I'm just glad it went like this so we can calm the Linsanity down," joked Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni in regards to Lin’s game winning shot.

And word is that he isn’t sleeping on Landry Field’s couch anymore, but moving into his own luxurious suburban New York apartment. Lin has also been asked to participate in the ‘Shooting Stars’ competition and rookie/sophomore game at All-Star weekend. Which leads me to the next update….


Eastern Conference All-Stars have been announced and the following players make up the 2012 roster:

PLAYER (TEAM)                                 POS.  

* Carmelo Anthony (New York)      F

* LeBron James (Miami)                    F        

* Derrick Rose (Chicago)                   G        

* Dwyane Wade (Miami)                 G         

* Dwight Howard (Orlando)            C

Chris Bosh (Miami)                           F         

# Luol Deng (Chicago)                      F         

# Roy Hibbert (Indiana)                  C         

# Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia)    F-G     

Joe Johnson (Atlanta)                       G         

Paul Pierce (Boston)                                     F                     

Deron Williams (New Jersey)          G         

Head Coach: Tom Thibodeau (Chicago)



New York, riding on Jeremy Lin, has won seven in a row. Miami has also won four straight.


Um, who plays in Charlotte? Oh ya, those Bobcats. They’re rockin’ a 3-26 record.


Big Move

The Knicks just possibly made the biggest move since CP3 went to the Clippers, signing guard J.R. Smith. Opting to play in China due to the lockout, Smith’s season over seas just ended and he’s finally able to re-join the NBA. The Knicks are getting a 3-point threat (shot 39% from behind the arc in 2010-’11) and legitimate scorer from the wing that can compliment both Lin and Carmello Anthony very well.


Keep An Eye On…

…Derrick Rose of the Bulls. He’s missed four games in a row due to back spasms, and although there is no structural damage, the team is confident he’ll be ready to play soon. This could affect him this post-season though considering the crazy schedule that is ensuing due to the shortened season, allowing hardly any rest time between games.

The Bulls seem to be fine without him though, for now. Against Boston on Thursday night, the Bulls got the win on 23 points from both Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng. Chicago is 6-2 without Rose this season.

Cav’s rookie Kyrie Irving is cleared to play after missing three games with a concussion. He’s averaging 18 points and five assists per game.


Upcoming Games To Watch

Sunday           –           Dallas @ New York   1:00 EST        ABC

                                    Orlando @ Miami      3:30 EST        ABC

Thursday       –           New York @ Miami   7:00 EST        TNT

                                    LA Lakers @ OKC      9:30 EST        TNT