7 Simpsons Clips On Repeat

Who needs 500 episodes when you can repeat one 10 second clip infinite times?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The Simpsons hit their 500th episode! What are we d’oh-ing to celebrate? Since the internets love to take Simpsons clips and repeat them on seemingly endless loops, we collected a bunch of those loops here. They’re just sitting on the Crave couch, creating a very comfortable butt groove for themselves. Enjoy these 7 Simpsons moments on repeat:


Da Da Da Da Da HEY!

Gary Glitter never sounded better.



Mr. Burns seems oddly unconvinced.



That’s some good saxamaphoning, Homer.


Two Plus Two Is Four

If you hated Barney in the mid-90s, you were everybody.


Nothin’ At All

Stupid sexy Flanders…



Whoop, you say?


Dental Plan

Eventually Homer will see how the two are related, but not for a long, long time.


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