5 Hilarious Nicolas Cage Supercuts

You’ll scream and go crazy for these viral montages.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Nicolas Cage is best known for his subtle, nuanced acting. The internet likes to celebrate his delicate, sophisticated style by cutting together scenes of Nic Cage screaming, breaking stuff and kicking ladies into walls. So, if you’re not too preoccupied with bees, take a journey through Cage’s filmography:


Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit

If you want to see Nic Cage screaming, you might be in luck.


The Best Scenes From The Wicker Man

Alt. Title: “Bee-ting Up Women”


The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair



The Best Scenes From Vampire’s Kiss

Misfile? Mis-file? Impossible, I say!


100 Greatest Nicolas Cage Quotes

I can relate to Nic Cage. I, too, am like a prickly pear.


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