Terry O’Quinn Moves Into ‘666 Park Avenue’

The former star of "Lost" will headline ABC's new supernatural drama pilot.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

After appearing in a major arc this season on "Hawaii Five-0," Terry O’Quinn is coming back to the mainland at his former network.

According to Deadline, O’Quinn has been cast in a leading role in ABC's "666 Park Avenue." O’Quinn will play Gavin, the owner of a popular and historic apartment complex in New York City. The primary focus of "666 Park Avenue" will be on a young couple who moves into the complex as they slowly discover that almost all of the residents have unknowingly mad deals with the devil. Given Gavin's connection to the building, he may be the devil himself or linked to evil in some unexpected way.

"666 Park Avenue" is loosely based upon Gabriella Pierce’s novel of the same name, which told the story of a young woman named Jane Boyle; who discovered that her new mother-in-law was secretly a witch who was trying to steal powers that Jane never knew she possessed. From what little we know about the TV incarnation, it sounds like significant changes have been made to the premise.

O’Quinn is best known for his role as John Locke on "Lost," which ran for six seasons on ABC. Prior to that, O’Quinn was primarily known as one of the best character actors in Hollywood, with memorable appearances in "Millennium," "The X-Files," "The West Wing," "Alias," "Miami Vice" and feature roles in "Young Guns," "The Rocketeer" and his starring turn in the first two "Stepfather" films.

Last season, O’Quinn appeared on the ABC pilot, "Hallelujah;" which did not get picked up. O’Quinn is also slated to make a guest appearance on the upcoming second season of "Falling Skies."

The pilot for "666 Park Avenue" will be directed by Alex Graves from a script by David Wilcox. If it goes forward, it will likely debut next fall on ABC.