Found! Demi Moore’s Rehab Schedule!

See what's going on behind closed doors with this raspy-voiced, druggie sex pot!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

We at CRAVE Online have done the unthinkable. We have posed as famous women (personally, I went as a heavy-set Jennifer Aniston) and infiltrated the world-famous Shady Acres Celebrity Rehab Center in Sunnyvale, California where superstar actress Demi Moore has been staying the past couple days and brought you the scoop on her day-to-day life! 

What's that? You don't give a crap about Demi Moore? Neither did we, until the community showers. 

But, as concerned satirical journalists, we believe it is our duty to bring you the details of Demi's life and make fun of them like God intended. 

Take a look: 



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