iMain Go X – iPhone Speakers

iMain Go X Offers Protection and Quality Sound.

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In the future, our smartphones will be our sole entertainment device. For a large amounts of Americans (USA! USA! USA!) it’s already replaced our computers; it wont be long before these contraptions are our main amusement hub.

iMain GoX speaker is the perfect iPhone auditory device for movers-and-shakers like us who are constantly on the run. It’s manufactured with the iPhone in mind, but I was able to use it with my MyTouch 4G; with a little bit of effort trying to make it fit inside the zipper case. The gadget is the latest in Portable Sound Laboratories’ line of speaker cases – that offers both form and function in terms of protecting your smartphone by entombing it inside a speaker case – via a zipper.  Two headphone jacks on the side allow you to share your listening pleasures with a friend –without having to remove your smartphone from the case.

What I like about the cool, solid protective box design: it perfect for listening to tunes while biking or skateboarding; if you wipe-out or go flying off your board, both your smartphone and speakers will come out intact. No muss. No fuss. This is one sturdy, lightweight device.

For less impact affairs, iMain Go X comes with a strap so you can wear it around your neck for the great sport of walking. (Though its pretty tough to answer your phone on the fly when it’s zipped away inside a portable speaker box.) iMain Go Xoffers amazing sound quality for such a small portable speaker system; though the  volume is only in the adequate range and the sound gets slightly distorted when turned up. (The volume adjusts with your device’s volume.) Also, with the speakers close together it’s hard to tell that you’re getting that stereo sound. But for its size, it packs an audio punch.

Here’re some stats that will make you happy:

  • iMainGo X measures 5.7 inches long, 3.8 inches across, and 2.4 inches thick; it weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • The battery lasts up to 12 hours.
  • iMain Go X works with other devices such as the MacBook Pro or iPad.
  • The bass quality is full and impressive.
  • The puppy retails for $70.

iMain Go X is big sound in a small package. Here’s one feature that I love – but have yet to test: it features a microphone input. Plug in a mic and sing along with the action!

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