The Truth Behind 10 Jobs

What people think you do is a little different than what you really do.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The economy appears to be on the mend and unemployed people are starting to get hired again. However, even if they do manage to land their dream jobs, they might find the work is a lot more boring than they thought it would be. Witness this visual testimonials meme from people about their jobs, “What People Think I Do vs. What I Really Do.”


Contemporary Artist

Don’t forget the grant proposals for your naked toothbrush exhibition.


Tech Support

What I make customers do –> picture of a guy on-hold, scowling.



Except if you work at The Ball Pit Store, then #1 is also #6.


Film Director

Aaaaand… cue headache after actress has a meltdown and quits on set!


Social Worker

People actually say the word “blah” to Social Workers over and over again. No one knows why, but it’s true.



When do they get to go to Mathmagic Land?



I saw this amazing David Blaine trick where he set-up a table for 3 hours. Blew my mind.



I already knew this, because I’m well-versed in the world of Dilbert.


Creative Director

They’re on YouTube all day for… research… yeah, that’s the ticket.


Bin Man (Garbage Man)

Sounds like the job is complete rubbish. *Baddum-Bum*


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