Green Lantern #6: Hal Jordan Sucks Now

Once he was the greatest of Green Lanterns.  Now, Hal Jordan is frustratingly boring.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Green Lantern #6

I’m not sure what to do with Green Lantern #6. There are three things happening here, two suck and one might be interesting if Geoff Johns and the crew behind the Lantern titles would get to it already. Since the big reboot, the Lanterns have been peddling around doing a whole lot of nothing. In the case of Green Lantern, writer Johns is wasting not only Hal Jordan but also Sinestro, one of the greatest villains in history. I’m beginning to think Johns has left the writing of Green Lantern to a rosy-cheeked intern while he concentrates on Aquaman.

Why do I say that? Well, let’s look at the things that sucks, namely Hal Jordan and Sinestro.  Hal Jordan has gone from the greatest Green Lantern ever to some whiny bitch dedicated to getting Carol Ferris back. Meanwhile, Sinestro, one of the villains that puts the bad in badass, is searching for, well, something. In issue #6, Sinestro finds Starstorm, a former enemy who is now a feeble shell of his former glory. Through a lengthy and convoluted battle with a purple female vampire-looking creature, we learn that the Guardians have decided to launch a third army to replace the Green Lanterns. It’s also revealed that Sinestro might buy the farm during the battle.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Hal Jordan is still a bitch. There’s a lame attempt to show that Jordan’s a bad ass without the ring, but it “rings” hollow. Jordan walks around, pontificates and then ends up in the sack with Carol. At the end, Sinestro appears and has decided to force Jordan to be his partner again. The entire story involving Hal Jordan is rage-inducingly boring. I’m assuming the point of this is to make Jordan understand how important the ring is to him or maybe to show Sinestro why Jordan is considered the greatest Green Lantern ever. I don’t really care if he decides to become a Green Lantern porn star and use the ring to make a forty-inch dildo; this entire section of the comic is sapping the mojo of Hal Jordan.

Oddly, the underlying story of the Guardians creating a third army that will wipe out the Green Lanterns is really cool. I like that it has something to do with mysterious Indigo Tribe and that the Guardians have gone completely off the deep end. The problem is in execution. The Guardians have been plotting this revolution for a while and acting in a sinister manner even longer. Johns and his crew need to stop dancing around this third army. Let the story find some resolution; let the heroes rise and the enemies attack. I don’t know how much more cloak and dagger stories I can stand before I give up Green Lantern forever.

The art in Green Lantern #6 is atrocious. Mike Choi needs to stop with comics and look for work in the dentist office painting industry. Why does Hal Jordan look like an Asian teenager? Why does Sinestro look like Vinnie The Butcher from some bad gangster movie? I understand the whole hand-painted fine art thing, but this is just bad. Green Lantern needs a better artist and writers who are interested in telling great stories, not dragging bad stories out.


CRAVE ONLINE RATING: 2/10 (1 Story, 1 Art)