Meet CBS’ New American Sherlock Holmes

Although Jonny Lee Miller is British, he'll be playing a Sherlock Holmes who lives in New York City on "Elementary."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this year, fans of the BBC series "Sherlock" were incensed to hear that CBS was planning its own modern day update of Author Conan Doyle's great detective in "Elementary." And although there were also fears that the new Sherlock Holmes would be Americanized, CBS has at least cast a British actor for the iconic part.

According to Deadline, Jonny Lee Miller will portray Sherlock Holmes in "Elementary;" which will chronicle Holmes' adventures while living in New York City instead of his traditionally London-based stories. And even though Miller is British, his incarnation of Sherlock Holmes could also be an American to match his new city.

Miller is perhaps best known among U.S. viewers as the lead character of "Eli Stone" on ABC and as the deranged motivational speaker, Jordan Chase on the fifth season of "Dexter." Miller has also had roles in "Trainspotting," "Mansfield Park," "Dracula 2000," "Æon Flux" and the upcoming "Dark Shadows" feature film directed by Tim Burton.

Strangely enough, Miller also costarred in Danny Boyle’s stage version of "Frankenstein" in London opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, the increasingly popular actor who plays Sherlock Holmes in BBC's "Sherlock."

There's no word yet on who will play Dr. Watson in "Elementary," or just how American this Sherlock Holmes will be. But we do know that "Homeland" director Michael Cuesta will helm the pilot episode from a script by Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.

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