Funny Drummer Fails! (Video)

There is a reason these people are kept hidden behind the lead singer...

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Inspired by 7 Guitar Flip Fails, we here at CRAVE have taken a little time to bring some attention to the beat master behind-the-kit, the drummer. 

Drummers are responsible for a lot — their workload is exhausting, they have to keep the beat, and any solo under 15-minutes is considered sub par. 

Since the days of Animal from "The Muppets" we've like to watch drummers go a little nuts. So sit back, relax and watch from funny vids of Drummer Fails!


Aloof Drummer

The sad thing about this is that he's already more talented than the drummer in Def Leopard


Who needs a singer when you have a drummer like this guy?

Have you booked him for your wedding yet?


Poor little sleepy drummer

They were able to raise $34.32 for breast cancer that night. 


Hardcore Drummer Spaz

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Lars Ulrich hit by balloon fail


Lars Ulrich talking fail

There was no editing whatsoever in this video.


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