Gina Carano Will Return in ‘In the Blood’

The MMA superstar's lined up her next project... and this time, she's bringing her bikini.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

It was clear from watching Haywire that Gina Carano has potential to be the next big thing. It didn't take Hollywood long to figure that out. A month later, Hollywood Reporter has announced that the Mixed-Martial Arts superstar has lined up her next project: In the Blood, directed by John Stockwell. Not for nothing, but "in the blood" sounds like a pretty bad location for just about anything. "Honey? Where are the kids…?" "In the blood, sweetheart!" Shudder

In the Blood will tell the story of, as Hollywood Reporter puts it, "a husband [who] disappears while vacationing in the Caribbean with his wife, to be played by Carano. The grieving wife passionately and recklessly pursues the men whom she believes kidnapped and killed him." Doesn't sound like the most original plotline in the world, but you could say that about Haywire as well, and we all know that movie kicked ass.

Then again, John Stockwell isn't exactly Steven Soderbergh. His list of credits includes the forgettable girl power surfing movie Blue Crush, the halfway decent Jessica Alba thriller Into the Blue, the torture porn horror flick Turistas, and the upcoming Halle Berry vs. Shark movie Dark Tide. All movies starring attractive ladies in tropical locales. And we thought working from home was a sweet deal: Stockwell's got surfing, half-naked babes and mai tais written into his contract. Lucky bastard.

According to Stockwell, "This role will showcase not only Gina’s fighting skills, but also her acting abilities as her character struggles to reign in her violent past." It will be interesting to put Carano's acting to the test. DC isn't going to let her play Wonder Woman just because she looks the part, will they?

CraveOnline will be back with more In the Blood news after we find a drink with one of those little umbrellas in it.