Kentucky Survives At Vanderbilt

#1 Kentucky put to the test by Vanderbilt.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Unranked Vanderbilt was actually up by 2 with just over 3 minutes left in the game before Doron Lamb nailed a 3 to give Kentucky the lead. It was at this point that KU “locked up” as freshman Anthony Davis put it. After the game Davis told ESPN, “We needed a stop and the only way we were going to win the game was to lock up.”

When Davis said “lock up” he’s talking about clamping down on defense and not letting Vanderbilt get any good looks at the hoop or second chances. He’s talking about grabbing loose balls, rebounds, and play aggressive man-to-man on the ball D. He’s talking about exactly how Kentucky won.

The Wildcats scored the last 8 points in regulation to come from down by 2 to win by 6. This defensive prowess is perhaps the most impressive part of the well balanced Kentucky team. They possess all the ingredients of a great team. The inside ability of rebounding, scoring, and shot blocking with Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones who combined for 30 points 17 rebounds and 11 blocks.

That’s right. They generated 11 blocks and have been putting up monster defensive numbers like this all year long demonstrating to the entire country how great teams are more than just scoring machines, but also defensive specialists.

They also possess an impressive backcourt comprised of Doron Lamb and Marquis Teague who went for 29 points and 9 assists leaving most of the NCAA scratching their heads as to how anyone’s going to beat KU come March. The answer is they won’t. If Kentucky lives up to their ability and doesn’t self-destruct they should absolutely win another title. It is evident why Kentucky sitting atop a 25-1 overall record and 11-0 in the SEC to land at #1 in the national polls. They are the best.